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Our Salt Lake

All residents of Salt Lake will agree that our township is more than just an address; it is a community, an extended family of sorts. Unfortunately with our lives getting busier it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay in touch the way we once used to. Having lived here for more than a decade we know more than anyone else how much of an asset we are to each other.

To bring back some of those in our lives, on Poila Baisakh, 2005, we launched this website. A website containing everything for the residents of Salt Lake City and for the people of the City of Calcutta. Google directory said about this website 'Find information on various public utilities, entertainment and local business. Also includes sector wise maps'.

During last five years there have been lot of changes in the life of the people who were very closly associated with this website. As a result of this, we failed to remain updated with the information, which we promised at the time of launching this website. We are sorry.

This is our sincere effort to buildup a completely new look so that we can offer the residents a platform to remain connected.

We are dropping some of the sections of the website. If you wish to know about the history, geography, demographics, facilities, administration, etc. of our Salt Lake, please visit Wikipedia.

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